Your F355 will need servicing on an annual or mileage basis, depending upon how much use it is getting. The recommended minimum is an annual service, but if your car is covering sufficient mileage it may require servicing due to miles covered rather than time.

Using 2010 prices from a well known specialist, the following information should give you some idea of the approximate servicing costs of an F355.

If you have a leaky rear damper then the only cure is to replace it. Here's a guide showing you how to do it.

The brakes on the F355 aren't as good as they could be. Whilst many people upgrade the disks to bigger grooved or drilled items, this isn't necessary unless you're a real track demon. A simple change of the pads is all you need to make a significant difference to braking performance (assuming you have the standard pads installed).

Here's an excellent thread on Club Scuderia showing you how to remove headlight pods.

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I recently fitted a challenge rear grille to my F355. Here's how I did it.