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The Ferrari F355 is one of the best sports cars of its era. Today it is still a beautiful sight on the roads and is now more affordable than ever before. This site is your guide to everything F355.

Although newer Ferraris have been made in greater numbers, at the time of writing the F355 might well be the most popular car among enthusiasts who are buying in the second hand market. This is because it is becoming very affordable to purchase, with early right hand drive cars now at around 40-45% of their original list price, and LHD cars even less. This situation is probably going to change in the coming years as the model which followed it, the 360, has now itself been replaced. The second hand market is beginning to flood with 360's as owners move up to the very latest model, the 430.

Introduced in 1994, the F355 came in several body styles:

Berlinetta - a fixed head 2 door coupe

The Berlinetta is considered by many to be the most pure of the models. With a solid roof, which is of course structural, it offers the greatest rigidity and therefore the best handling of all models. However if you are very tall you may find the cabin restrictive. Ferraris are well known for their 'howl' and the Berlinetta has the greatest soundproofing so the exhaust note won't be so intrusive (you *will* hear it though! - especially with an aftermarket sports exhaust fitted).


GTS - a targa vehicle, with a removable roof panel

The GTS is often bought as a good compromise between the Spider and the Berlinetta. It offers the equivalent of top down motoring but can also offer the full security and comfort of a fixed head vehicle. However, sometimes the targa panel can be a bit leaky in heavy rain due to poor seals or window fit, and the rigidity of the car is compromised a little by the fact that the panel is not structural. The GTS is probably the most common of the 355's.


Spider - the full blown convertible
The Spider offers the full-on convertible experience, with an electric hood. It looks absolutely fantastic with hood down and still retains a similar shape to the coupe with the hood up. Ferrari went to the trouble of replicating the shape of the buttresses in the hood; a far from simple achievement.

Whatever model you prefer, look forward to a very special driving experience.