As of November 2009, Ferrari have launched a recall campaign due to a fire risk caused by a problem in the fuel system.

The campaign is referred to as "Recall Campaign Number 48 - Fuel divider block replacement" It seems that all models are affected. A section from their recall letter reads:

 "We would like to advise you that during ongoing quality assessment of our product we have identified a possible safety related problem on certain F355 vehicles within a specific production range. It is a possibility that there may be a failure in the fuel supply system which with time may cause tearing of the fuel distribution block connection tube resulting in fuel leakage which may lead to smoke and/or fire and this could result in malfunctioning of the engine.

Therefore it is necessary to inform you of this and invite you to contact either your nearest or preferred Official Ferrari Dealer or Ferrari authorised repairer as soon as possible to arrang an appointment to have your vehicle inspected.

This inspection and any related work will of course be carried out free of change."